Info-Graphics: What a Single Laptop Could Do in Past?

Travel in the past with Time-Machine and imagine what you could do if you have a laptop or (or may be an Apple iPad) there?

Thanks to our friends Chris Abraham for attracting our attention to this nice and funny info graphics, depicting 'Humans & Laptops': What could you do with a single laptop in the past?

Just imagine to travel in time on a Time-machine and go into the past (pre-historic) with a laptop and do the funny things there using the computer notebook or net-book, just imagine this voyage to the past and smile : )

Imagine wild, give the wings to your wildest of the cognitive capabilities, human brain and a modern age computing machine or a laptop/iPad both can compute, so what could be more similarities, fun, and how the present could go relating to the past, how could be the scene in ancient Indus, Greece or Mesopotamia ??? if people were having laptops, PCs or iPad tablets all around : )


Solavei said...

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It sounds a lot like Markov chaining, one of my favorite algorithms. I came up with some similar scripts exploring why it is so hard for most people to come up with new words. I could run it against any word list, generate similar names that weren't in that list. I could also control the "look-ahead" levels to end up with even more reasonable words.

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