A Social Video Sharing App for Cell Phones

A decent & easy way of recording videos on your cell phones as well as sharing them instantly with your family, friends or may be business contacts!

…Sharing the videos from your Android devices or Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) is easy and fun with the new app called as SocialCam, replace your camcorder with your smart cell phone now,

In this very dense ‘jungle’ of various tech applications, a young, awesome bud has bloomed out with the cool, incredible features that have literally led the human life in an ease.

The modern tech world has and is becoming more and more powerful with all the latest stunning innovations and discoveries. The tech world seems to get more viral with each passing day.

With the groovy invention of the cell phones and than apps for them, they have become a daily necessity and utility of an individual, and why not they are the easiest way of communication all over the globe :) today most of the video shots are recorded on the cell phones. The humble camcorders are largely replaced by a device that’s already in your pocket; …they are the very cell phones :)

Introducing the SocialCam

Justin.tv, a San Francisco start up has an application called SocialCam that allows its users to quickly upload and share video across social networks.

Well, we see millions of video clips stored on the Smartphone’s end up online. The reason is although it is easier to click pictures using Smartphone’s but is actually harder to upload the videos over the social networks. How to put the videos on Facebook? The newbie’s find very hard to know the video uploading features on Facebook.

Most of the cell phones versions have built-in option to post the video but the whole procedure is irksome. That’s why most of us go through sharing videos by holding the phones in front of other people’s faces, an easiest way of video sharing ;)

Here takes place the birth of new, most- talked video app called SocialCam, as the name implies, is hardly the first mobile application that can record and share videos over the social network. The application is FREE for iPhone and Android models.

About Socialcam, what and how?

SocialCam is the easiest way to share videos with your friends and family members. It makes video sharing experience from your phone as simple as uploading photo to Facebook. With some elite clicks you are able to record, tag and share videos. Also you can make comments and likes on your friend’s videos.

SocialCam is an easiest way to upload videos but also have some technical tricks. It starts uploading your video as soon as you start recording the video. If you take a video and if there is no connection, the app will just store the video.

The application connects with Facebook smoothly as ever. Here you can tag your friends in related videos as soon as you take them and this way the video are placed on their walls too. So, people will actually see your videos even if they are not SocialCam users. If someone tags you in SocialCam video, it would be placed on your wall of Facebook, but you can un-tag yourself too. Sharing the videos on Twitter, email or SMS is also a simpler operation than ever before.

Let us go through some striking features of SocialCam:
• It allows unlimited video length to be shared and stored.
• You can upload video while you are recording.
• You can record the video and can upload later on when you have an Internet connection.
• You can tag your friends in the videos.
• You can comment, like and browse your friend’s video too!
• You will get an instant notification when tagged in any friend’s video.
• Also can share videos with email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Dropbox.

SocialCam has popularized the genre of live video feeds with its amazing features. It is great app for sharing videos, indeed! But it could also be an important app in citizen journalism and revolution. It modifies, alters the experience in the sharing media when compared with the other apps that did the same thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app from Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google’s Android Market. Once you start, it will prompt you to log in using your Facebook account and then shoot and share will be more comfortable than ever before.

Start posting your videos on Social Network using your smart cell phone, iPad etc with SocialCam….Be Social on the go!!

Info-Graphics: What a Single Laptop Could Do in Past?

Travel in the past with Time-Machine and imagine what you could do if you have a laptop or (or may be an Apple iPad) there?

Thanks to our friends Chris Abraham for attracting our attention to this nice and funny info graphics, depicting 'Humans & Laptops': What could you do with a single laptop in the past?

Just imagine to travel in time on a Time-machine and go into the past (pre-historic) with a laptop and do the funny things there using the computer notebook or net-book, just imagine this voyage to the past and smile : )

Imagine wild, give the wings to your wildest of the cognitive capabilities, human brain and a modern age computing machine or a laptop/iPad both can compute, so what could be more similarities, fun, and how the present could go relating to the past, how could be the scene in ancient Indus, Greece or Mesopotamia ??? if people were having laptops, PCs or iPad tablets all around : )

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